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Closed Consultative Meeting with Local NGOs

Lebanon Support organised on the 27th of March a closed consultative meeting with local NGOs to introduce them to the new Daleel Madani. The purpose of the meeting was, on the one hand, to explain to the platform’s users how they can maximise their organisations’...

New on The Scene: Can Emerging Political Actors and Women Make Headway in Lebanon's 2018 Parliamentary Elections?

The consociational system as well as kinship-based politics have not allowed circulation of political elites, limiting the entry and participation of newcomers and women to the political scene in Lebanon. The 2018 Lebanese parliamentary elections are scheduled to...

Fault lines of the workers’ movement | تصدّعات الحركة العمالية
This talk hinges on the centrality of the labour movement in the political and economic struggle for change despite structural changes in the global economy hampering the activity and scope of associational power. The talk examines the overall labour movement...
Structure Your Efforts, The CSOs Organogram | نظّم جهودك، الهيكل التنظيمي لمنظمات المجتمع المدني

This session will focus on the concept of organisational structure for CSOs, its varied applications, and its importance in maximising efficiency and impact. Participants in this session must represent a civil society organisation and should be working in a middle...

Mobilisations in the Age of the Arab Uprisings: Perspectives from Lebanon and Iraq

While the literature on social movements in the Arab region has witnessed a surge since the “Arab uprisings”, little attention has been given to countries in the region that have not directly witnessed those uprisings but that have been deeply affected by this...

Lebanon Support's office closed for the end of year holidays.
Event Summary: Discover the new Daleel Madani

Lebanon Support organised on the 9th of November, together with its community partner Berytech, a public event to celebrate the new and  improved Daleel Madani website.

Forging ahead with fieldwork: Framing your research, getting started, and building analysis

Lebanon Support cordially invites to a workshop within its Civil Society Incubator* programme

Discover the new Daleel Madani

Join the Lebanon Support team on the 9th of November to celebrate and discover the new Daleel Madani!

The Taxation System in Lebanon: Between Collection & Justice

يتشرّف مركز دعم لبنان بالشراكة مع مؤسسة روزا لوكسمبورغ مكتب بيروت بدعوتكم لحضور أول طاولة مستديرة في سلسلة إعادة التفكير والعمل من أجل الحقوق الاجتماعية والاقتصادية في لبنان...

Money Matters: NGO Financial Management, Developing Operating and Cash Budgets

Lebanon Support cordially invites to a workshop under its Civil Society Incubator programme..

Lebanon Support's Official Office Warming Event

On the 20th of September, Lebanon Support hosted its official office warming to celebrate its relocation to a bigger, new office in Furn el-Chebbak.

“Like an ant that digs into the rock:” Wadad Halwani and the struggle of the families of the missing and the forcefully disappeared

“This not about my personal story. This is a story that affected many people, and I am just one example of it. Of course we all had some kind of background, a life before...

التجول في حقل ألغام السلطة: تنظيم نقابة عاملات المنازل في لبنان

"في كل لقاءٍ أجريناه مع مختلف الجاليات، أردت التأكد من أننا نشدّد على فكرة التضامن. لم نعد الآن نقول: الفيليبين وسريلانكا وأثيوبيا وبنغلادش. أصبحنا نقول نقابيات. نحن النساء العاملات.

A reading of the new electoral law - قراءة في قانون الانتخابات الجديد

Lebanon Support Cordially invites you to a round table discussion on: A reading of the new electoral law