Services and expertise provided by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action

The centre offers a range of research and analysis, and information management services & data visualisations. Contact us if you have a specific inquiry.
We offer, among others:
Research and analysis
The centre conducts and facilitates original, interdisciplinary, and scientific research that is published in various formats. Research is developed and conducted by the centre's hub of scholars, fellows, and network. It aims to publish grounded, contextualised, and transformative research, combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies. As an action-oriented research hub, the centre is committed to an open access policy, making all of the centre's publications available to a wider public.The centre adopts a participatory, grounded methodology that aims at informing multi-level action through evidence-based and contextualised knowledge. The interdisciplinary dimension of the centre's research allows it to draw from, and build synergies across disciplines, as well as across the scientific, the practitioner, and the policy fields. This strives to contribute to critical thinking and action, and informing public debate and public policy.
Information management services & data visualisations:
The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action is specialised in online knowledge platforms and information management services, having more than 10 years of experience in managing and operating humanitarian, development, and human rights information and knowledge management projects.
The centre’s multidisciplinary team provides interactive data mappings, online knowledge platforms and collaborative systems, and data visualisations and info-graphics among others.
Get in touch if you have a specific enquiry or need more information:
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[Vacancy] Researcher at the CeSSRA
The IMF against state-owned enterprises: mass privatizations and the disintegration of the welfare state. | صندوق النقد الدولي ضد المؤسسات العمومية: الدفع نحو الخصخصة وتفكيك الدور الاجتماعي للدولة


The CeSSRA is recruiting a researcher
 The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action is an action-oriented, non-profit research centre for and about civil society and is looking to recruit a researcher.For the job details and how to apply, please follow this link.