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Closed Consultative Meeting with Local NGOs

Lebanon Support organised on the 27th of March a closed consultative meeting with local NGOs to introduce them to the new Daleel Madani. The purpose of the meeting was, on the one hand, to explain to the platform’s users how they can maximise their organisations’ visibility and outreach on Daleel Madani. On the other hand, it aimed to gather users’ feedback and recommendations for ensuring the website further responds to their needs.

The meeting was held at Lebanon Support’s office in Furn el-Chebbak, with representatives from 7 local civil society organisations in attendance.

The Content and Communication Officer at Lebanon Support, Sana Tarabay, opened the session by giving an overview of the new and improved Daleel Madani website and all its pages and features.

Afterwards, there was an open discussion with the participants about their use of Daleel Madani, and their thoughts on increasing their organisations’ outreach through the platform, and improving the user experience. Discussion also revolved around enhancing collaborations between civil society actors within Daleel Madani.

All local NGO representatives in attendance agreed that the new updated version of Daleel Madani helped highlight the various ways in which Daleel Madani can be used to promote their activities,projects, as well as their networking efforts, beyond job vacancies.

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